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September 2009

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dsamary in deafstudiesclub

Baja Fresh, Penny Drive, Games Night, & Silent Weekend Deadline

Hey Everyone!
We have some great events coming up this week, as well as the final day to sign-up for Silent Weekend!
Monday, February 23rd - Baja Fresh Fundraiser! This is at the Baja Fresh on Nordhoff and Reseda in the Vons parking lot. Pick up a flier from the Deaf Studies office and take it with you, and DSA will get 10%! It's from 11AM-9PM, and DSA members will be there all day, so go anytime or order for pick-up.
Tuesday, February 24th - Penny Drive. Jask (meaning Just Ask, a Deaf Awareness month during March) will be hosting a Penny Drive every Tuesday from 1-4:30 outside the Arbor Grill. Please come donate your pennies and other loose change to Jask! Each club will have their own penny section, and the club who collects the most gets a pizza party, so donate in DSA's name!
Tuesday, February 24th - Games Night!!! This will be in the Games Room (below the Fitness Center) from 8PM-12PM. DSA, DC, KS, LSP, and AST will be there. There will be a Nintendo Wii and an Xbox with lots of games, but you can also bring your own to play. There's also an arcade, pool tables, and ping pong tables. You can RSVP to this event here on Facebook!
Wednesday, February 25th - LAST DAY TO SIGN-UP FOR SILENT WEEKEND! Make sure to get your applications in to the Deaf Studies office!
See you all soon!
Mary Terzian
DSA Secretary